I’ve been busy with my work for the past few years. It’s more than five years of not just “plain” work but it’s “HARDWORK “. I have nothing to complain about my job. I’m blessed I have it and I’m still enjoying it somehow.

I just realized that… me.. working for the longest time, missed a lot of best things in life. Things that I wanted, the things I’ve been longing to do.

Writing is my first love. My husband knows it, which he should not be jealous about.

At this point of time, I would say that, forgetting about my first love is like missing half of my life. Now, my husband can be jealous about it. (Laugh) Not continuing my passion is something that I regret. I actually feel bad whenever I thought of not having a chance to apply for any writing post but had a chance getting work from BPO. Again, I have no complains about my job. (Laugh) And I don’t wanna have that feeling again.

They say that writers live twice. I wanna live again. My second life starts now, if you would permit. I may not have done it yesterday, at least I already have the courage to do it today.

I’m 27 years old, maybe old for dreaming. But, I want to share with you that publishing my own book is my wildest dream. So, I would like you to help me fulfill my dream. Be my inspiration.

But, ofcourse, I need to promise myself not to abandon another blogsite. As long as you join me in my journey of creating my obra before I turn 30.

-Joybeth Ambiong Arquilada